Some otoplasty surgery is done to “pin back” protruding ears so they lie closer to the head. Other otoplasty procedures repair such deformities as microtia – a birth defect in which the ear is only partially formed. Torn earlobes can happen from sports, earring pulls, or other traumas. Some individuals’ ears develop disproportionately from one another.


Reasons for Otoplasty (Ear Surgery) :


    • To correct the appearance of protruding or prominent ears. This procedure is known as setback or pinback otoplasty.
    • To correct major disparities in the size or shape of the ears.
    • To repair or reconstruct the auricle after traumatic injuries or cancer surgery.
    • Recovery You should rest with your head elevated to prevent excess swelling from occurring and limit your physical activity for a week following your procedure. Most patients return to work within five to seven days. After two weeks, most swelling should subside and your final results will be visible.Choosing a Board Certified Plastic surgeon to perform your Ear Surgery procedure is extremely important to ensure that you get the results you want with minimal complications.



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