Breast Lift

The Procedure

Stretching from pregnancy, breastfeeding or weight changes, or perhaps due to just natural decreases in collagen and elastin due to aging, can affect whether or not a breast lift is right for you.

The breast lift procedure combines the removal of excess breast skin with tightening the remaining skin.

    • Reposition drooping nipples and stretched areolas (the darker tissue around the nipples) to a more natural position
    • Refreshed confidence with your appearance, both in and out of your clothes



In terms of results, you should notice an immediate improvement in your figure. However, the full outcome of your surgery won’t be apparent for several months, once the initial swelling has subsided and your breasts have adjusted to the changes made during the procedure. To maintain your new chest moving forward, you’ll need to avoid excessive weight fluctuations, apply sunscreen diligently and wear a bra at all times to support your breast tissue.


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