Arm Lift

The negative aesthetic effects of aging on the upper arm region become amplified in conjunction with environmental factors such as gravity, genetics, and fluctuations in weight. While exercise can help to increase muscle tone and overall strength of the upper arms, it does not address the issue of skin that is sagging due to a loss of elasticity, nor can it correct the problem of fat deposits in the upper arm region.



For people with excess or sagging upper arm skin due to weight loss or ageing, Arm Lift Surgery is a great option for a firmer, contoured upper arm area.

Significant weight loss through Bariatric Surgery or as a result of a healthy diet and regular exercise will often leave behind excess upper arm skin. Exercise will tone and tighten the underlying muscle but will not be able to help with sagging skin that may be left behind.

An Arm Lift however is not intended to take the place of exercise regimes or healthy eating. A good candidate must be at a stable weight and should have no underlying health issues.



During your initial recovery period you will probably have restricted arm movements and you will not be able to lift anything heavy for a while. Due to these restrictions it would be a good idea to prepare your house (or place of recovery) in order to minimize the amount of work that you need to do immediately after your arm lift surgery.


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