Men too can benefit from Rhinoplasty for nasal reduction, a wide nose or other corrections.

Rhinoplasty at Silkor?


Rhinoplasty is a cosmetic nose surgery that is performed on both men and women to reshape and enhance the nose, while it is also employed to solve medical concerns such as breathing disabilities or nose disfigurements.


A Customized Surgical Method that fits your goals and concerns!

Aesthetically speaking, that’s what Rhinoplasty helps enhance*: 


– Nose to face size balance
– Nose width at the bridge
– Nose with visible humps on the bridge
– Nasal tip that is enlarged or hooked
– Nostrils that are large, wide or upturned
– Nasal asymmetry Before and after Rhinoplasty surgery

Let’s talk medically!

Rhinoplasty operation corrects functional nose problems, for instance, it reduces hypertrophic turbinates, as it also reverses the effects of a deviated septum, which usually causes breathing difficulties.

No one can reach perfection not even your nose!


Perfect is not what you’re looking for, a successful rhinoplasty is one that leaves you with a  “more aesthetically appealing nose that balances out your features, meets your cosmetic desires, and functions as it should”, according to Dr.Jamie S. Schwartz, a Beverly hill’s cosmetic surgeon, and a surgeon at Silkor’s daycare in Dubai.

So, forget about perfect, compatible works better! 

Rhinoplasty corrects functional problems and reshapes the nose. Contact us here